Interview Techniques

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Interview techniques 

After days, weeks and perhaps even months of hard work, you have finally secured that elusive interview.  So what now? The only thing that stands between you and a potentially life changing opportunity is the dreaded interview.  Yes, you will be nervous but so will the other candidates, and to a lesser extent the employer.

The important thing is that you have been short listed and that in itself is a positive sign.  It shows that the employer is happy with what they have seen so far and is eager to meet you to discuss your application further.

Interviews have become an integral part of the recruitment process because they give the employers a chance to assess you and for you to demonstrate your skills and experience.  It’s your chance not only to sell yourself but also to convince the employer that you are the best person for the job.

Selling yourself to a complete stranger(s) isn’t easy and can be a daunting experience for anyone.  However, good preparation and planning will help to ease the nerves and allow you to stay focused before, during and after the interview.

What to do before the interview?
What to do on the day of the interview?
What NOT to do on the day of the interview?
What to do after the interview?