Dos and Don’ts for completing application forms

  • Keep the original copy safe and clean

  • Take a copy OR two of the original or transfer headings onto another sheet of paper

  • Read instructions carefully

  • Read application all the way through

  • Have a black pen handy if required

  • Write in your best hand writing take your time don’t rush

  • Don’t cross out use tipex  if you must

  • Use a spell checker or a dictionary don’t rely on your memory for difficult words

  • If you have a computer write all key information in word and spell check it

  • If you are applying on line down load it and save it to documents then upload YOUR saved copy if asked to do so.

  • Use guidance notes read them through before you start

  • Make sure you have enough time to complete the application form and get it in the post on time.

  • Make sure you have a large envelop and a first class stamp

  • Check it is ok for someone to do a reference for you

  • Make sure you feel confident and relaxed before you start BOAST