Falsifying information on a CV-The consequences

Falsifying information on a CV-The consequences

We all have a tendency to exaggerate on a CV, sometimes without even realizing it. However, to blatantly lie on a CV to impress a potential employer is completely wrong and inexcusable. I know it sounds harsh but try telling that to MK who faked his CV to get a high profile job as a doctor. Okay, sometimes you might get a slap on the wrist for telling a porky, but you’d never expect to be sent to prison for it.

MK’s story is relevant not because of the moral issues surrounding the case but the length of time he went undetected before he was finally caught. I have omitted parts of the story for legal reasons and to protect the identity of those involved.

Doctor faked his CV to work at Northampton medical centre for seven years

10 Aug 2012

A FRAUDSTER who faked his CV in order to work as a GP in Northampton has been jailed for 15 months.

MK, who came to the UK as an asylum seeker from Albania, claimed to have worked as a doctor in Bosnia, for the United Nations and the French Red Cross to land health jobs in the city.

He was employed as a practice nurse at one centre for seven years and even worked as a GP for a short period, prescribing drugs to a number of patients.

In passing sentence at Northampton Crown Court yesterday, Judge DT said: “The real criminality is that you presented false documentation in order to provide medical services. That is a serious breach of integrity that strikes at the heart of a system dependent on the implicit trust patients must have in those who administer treatment to them.”

MK, 50, of West Heath Road, Northampton, had previously admitted three charges of fraud.

MD, prosecuting, said the conman had successfully applied in 2004 for a job as a practice nurse at the Stone Hill medical centre in Bennetts Road, Northampton, after claiming on his CV that he had worked as a doctor in France and at the QE Hospital in Northampton.

MD said the bogus CV he presented was “almost entirely a work of fiction and misleading claims”.

His work at the Stone Hill medical centre included seeing patients alone, taking blood samples, measurements and getting information from them. While working there he also obtained employment, again providing bogus CV details, at the Kingshurst medical centre in Branwood Road, Northampton, as a Physician’s Assistant.

MK also worked for two days at the Kingshurts Surgery in Drayton where he stood in for another GP and saw 24 patients over the course of two days.

MD said he was arrested in 2011 and police found a large quantity of drugs, some prescribed, as well as some blank sick notes.

RF, defending, said MK had obtained a medical qualification in Germany and that his work as a practice nurse was considered competent.

He said there was no suggestion that anyone had been harmed by the defendant.