About myfirstcv.com

School Leaver Speculative Covering Letter Template

 I have over 10 years’ experience of writing CV’s for clients. Initially, I began writing CV’s for clients with learning disabilities and health conditions, but have recently expanded to school leavers and graduates. Writing CV’s has always been a great passion of mine, it is this innate passion that has driven me to develop a website that is designed to help people to overcome one of the toughest challenges of job hunting-writing a good CV.

The majority of these CV’s have helped my customers to secure numerous interviews which in turn have led to an abundance of employment opportunities. My expert knowledge of what makes an interview winning CV have been recognised by highly respected disability specialists such as Remploy and Shaw Trust, both of whom I have worked in partnership with.

My expertise lies in writing individually tailored profiles that highlight your strengths, qualifications, experience, skills, and personal attributes along with transferable skills in a way that is relevant to the job that you are applying for. By using action words, power phrases and carefully written skills and achievements; I can maximise the effectiveness of your CV. I have taken these CV writing skills and combined them together with years of research in the area to produce a site that I hope will benefit many generations of people.

Even though I accept there is no substitute for professional advice, experience and expertise, I understand that there is always room for improvement; therefore I am open to suggestions about how I can make this site more accessible and user friendly. My long term goal is to make myfirstcv.com the leading CV service in the UK.

I am confident that your visit to my website will be a pleasant and enjoyable one. Remember, this is just the beginning and I hope you come back soon. There’s plenty more to come so watch this space.